Spiritual Readings

Spiritual Readings

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Need help on your universal journey? Looking for answers in life, or guidance? 

Insightful guidance, clarity and heart healing information. Provided by our resident spiritual reader Belle.

Belle has been working with spiritual guides for the last five years. But has been intuitively connected since a little girl. Her grandmother being a physic herself. Belle has grown up with the connection and beliefs of the spiritual world and all that if offers.

She is sharing her gift with others to help bring clarity and messages into your life.

The messages received by Belle, will be relayed to you in the reading. Together you can work with her to make sense of what is coming through. Asking questions back and forth to put together the answers you may seek or messages from the divine.

There is the opportunity for you to make connections with the spirt of someone who has passed over. They may be open to you contacting them, sharing messages back and forth, clarity in their current state and comfort for you.

“Using my physic abilities to interpret  the messages and visions I receive from the spirit guides. I can help you work your way through current life obstacles, unanswered questions, emotions from the past, help see direction for your future and even connect with loved ones. Also relaying any messages or signs the guides may have for you”.

As a Clairvoyant medium, I  receive the information in many ways. This information is given to me through images, emotions and feelings. I then present these to you, and will help you decode these with the help and connection from my spirit guides. You can ask direct question and if I can give Yes or No answers, I will. I never restrict how the information flows or how it is received thus to ensure the best reading for you. I will not suppress information given to me, even if I do feel it pernicious. It’s important I inform you of all the details and guidance given to me, for you. Good and the bad! 

Belle is blessed with the gifts of 

Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, clairsentience, clairaudience. 

You can either chose, from a 30-minute telephone call. A chat via our Blissme home Facebook page. Where your information will remain secure and then removed after the reading. Or, a email correspondence. Where you have the opportunity to go back and forth with our resident physic via the private email account.

Once you have completed the checkout, you will receive and email from our administrator to book in your reading time. Please allow 48 hours to receive an email regarding your booking. If your email address is in correct, or you have not heard from the Blissme Home Team, within 48hours contact the team, via the contact page.