Looking After Me

The Burn
For the first burn of your BlissMe Candle, burn for 2-3HRS. Allowing the  wax to burn evenly across the surface of the jar.
This will help prevent uneven burn, tunneling and will create a candle burn memory.
After your first burn, please ensure to always trim your wick before lighting your candle. Keeping your wick trimmed will ensure a longer lasting candle, maximise the fragrance and eliminate soot.
Do not burn for more than 4HRS at a time. Keep a lit candle away from children and pets. Do not leave your lit candle unattended.
Because we sweat
Sometimes the change in temperature can cause a coconut soy  wax candle to sweat. Being 100% Natural coconut blended soy wax, its the safest and free from chemicals but is made up of natural oils.
It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with me, I just get a little oily when the weather changes, But don't worry it wont effect the way I burn.
If I get a ring around me that's okay too. frosting is a natural part of reforming for natural coconut soy wax, it tends to try and go back to its natural state. You will understand it being so natural and chemical free that it is temperamental. Unlike edited and chemical wax like paraffin wax.
So remember
These beauties are natural, chemical and toxin free. They have NO additives and sometimes are a little unpredictable.
But none of this will change how perfectly I burn!
Enjoy Every Sniff...