Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz

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In the metaphysical world, Spirit Quartz is a crystal of tranquility and Alignment. It takes all the crystal energies of the main stone and amplifies them repeatedly in all the tiny points, each reflecting light back and forth to one another.

Spirit Quartz represents balance and harmony that is achieved through spiritual evolution and growth. This crystal forges a strong link between its users and the spiritual realms.

The crystal has characteristics of introspection and inner illumination. It can bring clarity to the mind that is troubled by life’s difficulties.

Awareness of one’s true spiritual purpose is granted by this crystal. It can also provide enlightenment regarding one’s career path.

The Spirit Quartz is a high energy stone with a strong field of vibrations. Frequent use can drain an individual of vitality unless proper steps are taken to ground and disperse excess energy.

Those who suffer from depression will find that this stone is a source of comfort. It helps individuals discover their sense of worth and purpose.