Self Love Candle
Self Love Candle

Self Love Candle

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Please be advised, our self love candle is by far our most sort after product! Due to the current issues we are facing globally from Covid 19, it has caused delays with our jars coming into Australia. We endeavour to get your candle out within 14- 18 business days. 


With blessing from above, she brings you love & healing light. With words to ignite the passion from within. Not only for others around you, but for yourself. To believe in you, to have love for you. 

Affirmation : I deserve the love I give so freely, to those around me. I deserve self love. 

Infused with rose quartz for self love & opening the heart to all types of love. It will help raise your self esteem. Balance your emotions and bring healing love energy to your life. Clear quartz to amplify the energies of the rose quartz, but also being the master healer. 

Essential oil blend of lavender, sweet orange, cinnamon & rose.


It’s important to leave the crystals in the candle, until the last burn. The crystals, together with natural essential oils. Work in the most effective way. Essential oils combined with crystal power are the perfect way to help you to anchor & embody your divine energy in the present moment. Essential oils simulate the limbic system: the brains healing mechanisms. Together with the vibrations of mother earths crystals. The consistency of the oscillations an harmonize the body.


Made with Natural coconut wax. Finished with a cotton braid chemical free wick, in a luxury white jar. 

80 Hour burn time.  

Care Institutions -  For the first burn, burn an even wax pool across the surface of the candle. Never burn for longer than TWO hours at a time.