Selenite Lamp

Selenite Lamp

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Selenite Lamps with a warm glow to promote calming energies in your home or work place.

PRE ORDER - Arriving 1st week of October 2020. Shipping will be after this date. 

A stone for clarity, guidance, selenite provides support to clear your mind and spirit. Sharping you awareness and allowing you to release negative energy.

selenite has gentle healing qualities. It will provide protect froM negative energy and slowly transform a space, into feeling fresh and free. 

Selenite lamps are renowned for their cleansing and healing abilities. They can help clear, restore and protect any space. Removing negative or blocked energies from your chakras and surrounding space. 

Having a selenite lamp in your bedroom will help promote calmness, ideal for those who have trouble sleeping. 

 Made in Morocco 

each lamp varies in shape. No two are the same. 

Each lamp comes with a warm light bulb

20cm high all vary in size due to the natural form of the crystal. 

Never leave lamp on for more than 3 to 4 Hours at a time. Selenite, is a delicate crystal and can over heat. Causing it to disintegrate.