Why we use crystals in candles & what healing benefits they offer.

We often see candles decorated with crystals, it’s now become a major fad.

But, when we started this journey, we already used crystals in our daily routine. We then wanted to start incorporating them into the candles we make. It was then, that creating a candle with a purpose came to mind. Each candle has been carefully curated for intention. Each intention created using, the crystal that promotes that energy and pairing the crystals essential oil. Crystals work with essential oils in an effective way.


Let me explain, both crystals and essential oils are natural products from Mother Earth. Both used for remedial health benefits. Crystals are natural occurring minerals found all over the earth. Essential oils are extracted directly from vegetation. I am sure you are all aware of how popular the use of essential oils are right now? They are promoted for their substantiate healing and emotional benefits! Applied topically, diffuser around the home in water and even ingested.


Now, crystals offer the same healing and emotional benefits! Cultures for many years around the world have used crystals for healing. Or even as a totem. So when these two modalities come together, the energy they create is prodigious! When the two work together the oscillations energy work together to harmonise the bodies limbic system. The part of the brain, that controls the brains nervous system and emotions. Crystals & Essential oils, work together in ways unimaginable. Essential oils combined with crystal power are the perfect way to help you to anchor & embody your divine energy in the present moment.

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